Yesterday I was goofing around on Google when I decided to search things about me, partly out of idle curiosity but mostly because I am an egomaniac.  Eventually I was presented with the choice “Amazon Best Sellers: Medicaid & Medicare”. There was my book, solidly in the #2 slot! 

Medicare for the Lazy Man; Simplest & Easiest Guide Ever!   I couldn’t be happier that people are discovering my advice-filled tome plus laying down a few bucks to actually buy it.

The reviews are all positive so I can only assume that readers are satisfied with the content they have purchased. Also, there have been many more books sold than reviews posted, proving to me that the audience is, in fact, comprised of very lazy people.

Come on, folks! If you like it please post a couple of words about it on Amazon so that others will have an easier time locating and deciding whether to buy.

Then you can return to your pursuit of laziness with a clear conscience!