Why is Medicare such a complicated mess?

  • The original benefit design is based on a prehistoric medical plan first marketed back in the 1930s.
  • Today's Medicare is the result of a series of legislative and regulatory compromises.

This year it sure is.

In its infinite wisdom, the bureaucracy that make the Medicare rules has decided to take away two Medicare Supplement plans after this year.

Recently I was asked a question by J. R. who purchased my book:  Medicare for the Lazy Man; Simplest & Easiest Guide Ever!  And who thoroughly perused my site: MedicareForTheLazyMan.com.

Yesterday I was goofing around on Google when I decided to search things about me, partly out of idle curiosity but mostly because I am an egomaniac.  Eventually I was presented with the choice “Amazon Best Sellers: Medicaid & Medicare”. There was my book, solidly in the #2 slot! 

Thank you, sir! May I have another? Kevin Bacon and his Omega Theta Pi pledge brothers, did indeed receive more whacks at the hands of sadistic actives in their fictitious “Animal House” fraternity.