Thank you, sir! May I have another? Kevin Bacon and his Omega Theta Pi pledge brothers, did indeed receive more whacks at the hands of sadistic actives in their fictitious “Animal House” fraternity.

In the Jones house, Mom was KKG and we kids grew up with a menacing Beta Theta Pi paddle close at hand, but the discipline eventually meted out by upper classmen in my ATO chapter was threatening only in a cerebral sense. Eventually we all burst out into the real world where we would be free to forge our own destinies!

Unfortunately, the real world allows self-righteous know-it-all bureaucrats to continue whacking a helpless populace and the consequences are mostly fiscal in nature, especially when it comes to Medicare.
As we all should know, Medicare coverage has too many holes, gaps and flaws to be considered a perfect shield against financial pain caused by large medical expenses. Complete protection can only be had when one adds a supplementary policy, purchased on the private market, to the government-provided Medicare.

The most popular and widely sold form of Medicare Supplement is about to be outlawed in compliance with Federal legislation passed in 2015 known as MACRA. Purchase of Plan F will be prohibited to newly eligible participants starting in 2020.

As if this weren’t bad enough, the powerful and cost-effective High Deductible Plan F (HDF) will also be snatched away from us. It has recently become my mission in life to help everyone who needs supplemental coverage come to an understanding of the advantages HDF offers. One might say that the Feds have taken a whack at my career as well!

Should you have the opportunity to purchase a Medicare supplement before the end of 2019, I strongly urge you to consider High Deductible Plan F. Regular Plan F could be your fallback choice if the “high deductible” label is bothersome.

Your relative youth or career path may prevent you from joining the Medicare ranks until 2020 or later in which case I cannot now predict what supplements will be available for purchase.
It is safe to say that bureaucrats will continue to whack away at our freedom of choice as time marches on.