Becoming an expert on Medicare is a waste of time and energy for almost everyone. Medicare For The Lazy Man makes Medicare enrollment an easy 1-2-3 process.

  • Medicare (Parts A & B) is government health insurance designed to help pay bills for treatment by hospitals and doctors. It has several design flaws and gaps in protection.
  • Medicare Advantage plans (Part C) are supposed to do the same thing but have design flaws inherent to HMO and PPO plans and are not recommended for consideration here.
  • Medicare supplement plans are reasonably priced and offer the best protection against financial disaster caused by unexpectedly large medical expenses.
  • Prescription drug plans (Part D) are numerous and complex; the “best” can be different for different people, and different for the same person from one year to the next.
  • Medicare supplement PLUS a prescription drug plan is the only solution that makes sense for most people.
  • This site offers the best Medicare supplements for sale PLUS shows the easy way to choose the best prescription drug plan for you.

So, what can Medicare For The Lazy Man do for you?

  • It simplifies your decision process.
  • It removes the noise and confusion while eliminating the worry and anxiety.
  • It is the best course of action (for most people) and it is easy to understand!

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