Enroll in Medicare Parts A & B

Plan Ahead!

  • Coverage should begin on the first of the month of your eligibility.
  • That date might be one’s 65th birthday or their retirement date, if later.
  • Your Medicare application process starts at the Social Security Administration (SSA) site: https://www.ssa.gov/medicare/.
  • This page has a great deal of useful information that may be of interest to you. 
  • Among other things, this site can help you decide on the best coverage start date for you.

Near The Center Of The Page Are The Tabs That Will Allow You To Apply For Medicare:

button apply for medicare only Use the online application to apply for just Medicare (without Social Security benefits)
button return to a saved application Finish an application you’ve already started
button check application status Check status of application you submitted

Your New Medicare ID Card Will Have Some Critical Information:

  • Part A and Part B Start Dates
  • Your Medicare Identifier

Once you have the Medicare ID card, it is time to apply for a Medicare supplement plan.

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