Regular PLAN F is the single most popular Medicare supplement plan. It pays all medically necessary fees, deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance percentages, as well as excess medical charges, limited foreign travel emergency charges and other cost sharing that would otherwise be paid by the insured.

In other words, Plan F pays for everything!

A high-deductible plan provides exactly the same benefits.

There are two important differences:
1) The insured is subject to a deductible of $2,300 per year.
That deductible will (almost certainly) never be met by an insured who has average or better health and who does not experience an inpatient stay in a hospital or nursing facility.

2) The insured will save substantially in lower premium cost.
The insured in average or better health will likely save more than $100 per month by purchasing high-deductible Plan F instead of regular plan F.

How is this possible?
Medicare will generally pay 80% of outpatient expenses; the insured will only pay 20% after the Medicare Part B deductible ($183).

My recommendation
High-deductible Medicare supplement – to most clients with average (or better) health and financial resources.

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