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Mrs. J. F., Geneva, IL

"Thank you so much for your expert advice. You certainly made it easy for me. I really do appreciate it."

"Like I said, one more item crossed off on my "Things To Do List"."

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Mr. & Mrs. E.W.S., Kansas City, MO

"We appreciate your help in understanding which policy would work best for us.  We were confused by all the different programs and you made it easier to decide what we really needed.  Thanks for all your help in getting us through the process."

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Mr. C. C., Gilbert, AZ

"Doug, Thank you for taking the time to research all the options that might be available for my insurance needs. I do appreciate your summarizing the benefits in an easy-to-understand format, along with the price comparisons. You saved me a ton of time and work."

"Had I been responsible to do this myself (assuming I could have pulled it off), I would still be working on it and pulling out what little hair I have remaining."

"So cheers to you and your knowledge and expertise. By the way, I am very pleased with the plan and insurer we chose for me."

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Mr. R. B., Cave Creek, AZ

"Thank you very much for your assistance getting my wife and myself signed up for Medicare supplemental and drug policies."

"With your assistance and recommendations, we now have the coverage we need at a reasonable cost."

"The service you performed for us is invaluable and saved us hours of work and frustration."