The book title doesn't lie. Simple and concise, easy read, no frills and honest. It also coincides with everything I've been discovering about Medicare. Wish this book was available a few years ago when I first started my research, it would have saved many hours of confusion."





"Great how-to guide to Medicare!

I am already on Medicare and did not need this book. I purchased it out of curiosity to see if it took the mystery and fear out of finding a good policy. I was pleasantly surprised to find how well it is written in simple terms and easy to understand.

Typically if you want to find out this information you have to submit your personal/contact information to a insurance company (or agent) and wait for them to call and put the pressure on you to purchase what they offer. This simple book eliminate that hassle completely. While the author offers to assist you, it is your choice to make the contact.

I recommend this book to anyone approaching Medicare age and if you are already on Medicare and want to change your policy this will be an excellent guide to do so."

Roy Brotherhood



"Direct, Concise and Accurate. With a bit of humor, a fun read!

If you or someone you know is approaching Medicare age, it can be daunting to know how to make the best decisions. This book makes that process much easier. The book is a fun read and also explains Medicare in a way it is easily understood. I wish I had had a copy sooner. This book should be standard issue with your Social Security card ..."

Amazon Customer


"This is an incredible little book that will guide you through the medicare process with ease and a incredible sense of humor. I feel so knowledgeable about the subject and I know exactly what I will do when the time comes to enroll. Thank you Douglas B. Jones Don't delay! Buy this book today and enjoy! I'm a GTO... #greatread #medicare #Amazon"

Leigh Siegel

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